Pizza. Beer. Scandal.

Dear CJ,

Thursdays used to mean beer, pizza and Scandal.


Those were the days.

Guess what? Mommy misses pizza.

More specifically, I miss cheese. I have visions of turkey & cheese sandwiches, crackers & cheese, cheeseburgers- all of the above.

Today, on my way home from work, I really wanted a milkshake and then I came to.

But, hey, I ain’t mad at ya.

I have lost almost 20 pounds since I cut dairy & eggs for you. I am at my pre-pre-pregnancy weight. Honestly, I can’t remember the time I weighed this little. Now, I wasn’t on a mission to lose weight, but once it started coming off I realized how much I liked the new me. Hey- I can fit into my size 6 jeans again. Hooray!

You know what I really, really miss? Mayonnaise.

MMMmmmMMmmm The condiment of champions.

Sour cream.

Red Robin’s honey mustard.



… Oh. Wait. I’m getting off track.

What was I talkin’ about?

Oh, yeah. Scandal. Pizza. Beer.

I’ve got Scandal and I’ve got Beer. 

Pizza will always be there. And in T-26 days when we can switch to soy, almond or coconut milk (I haven’t quite decided yet)… maybe that’ll be the day dad and I have pizza again.

Cause, Mommy misses cheese baby boy.

I love you,

– Momma